Saturday, March 10, 2012


Snowschool by Andras

This week I had my first snow school. Snow school is up in Bogus Basin, where there is like 7 feet of snow. Perfect. To get through it we had to use snowshoes. They were a bit hard to put on, but fun. Up there we went outside 2 times. After the 1st time, we had lunch break.

On our 1st trip outdoors because there were so many slopes we had to be really carefull. Once we were sliding down a slope and I managed to stop sliding, but couldn't get back up. Luckily I was helped up by the teachers. Then I had to climb this really steep hill. Everybody was cheering for me and I finally managed to get up, and was happy for lunch.

On our 2nd trip outside, we went up to see this igloo that sombody made. That thing had been there since December, and was frozen solid. We had a lot of fun sliding for the rest of the afternoon, and we went home.

PS: I forgot my water bottle both times. It made the jorney even worse.