Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Novel - Chapter 2: Four Stowaways

“Get into the rocket, fellas!” the President said.

It was a humongous rocket. It was glittering in the sun.

Andras gulped. He was ready to climb into it. He put on his space helmet and he climbed the stairs.


Andras could hear the engines starting to roar and felt a little nervous.

“...4...3...2...1...0!!!” Blast off!

A little bit later Andras looked at a big box in the back. He could have sworn he saw it move! Then he notices another one moving!

“What's going on?” he thought to himself. “I must be sleepy and tired to imagine things.”

The next day Andras figured out that it would take four days to get to Calisto. He glanced at the boxes. This time he knew that the boxes moved! He ran to the boxes and pried open the big one. He found two companions in the box huddling together.

“Rob! Erik!” Andras exclaimed very surprised. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We followed you because we wanted to go on an adventure too”, they said. Andras ran and told his parents. They were shocked.

“Don't worry, they may help us load the rocket fuel when the time comes”, explained Andras. Mom and Dad quickly relaxed.

Andras ran back to Erik and Rob. Erik told Andras that he and Rob got in by fooling the President pretending their box was rocket fuel. But Erik could have sworn that he saw another box following them on to the spaceship.

“Let's open the last box!”, Andras suggested. They all ran over and tore open the box. Andras gasped. Inside were Meo and Hurka, the family cats!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Novel - Chapter I: A Privelege

“Call from the President!” said Andras.

I groaned. I hated when Andras woke me up.

“What is it?” I asked. Andras handed me the phone.

“It's me, the President. I have found a start called Cameo. We have discovered two planets that orbit it. We want you to explore them.”


“Why have you chosen us?!”

“Because you have gone through many adventures already!”

“What adventures?” I asked surprised.

“Don't you remember?! At Christmas time Meo, your cat became a reindeer because Santa lost Rudolph in the fog and broke a bone too, so Andras had to drive the sleigh! And when a flying meteor came hurdling toward Earth your son used his new freeze ray to stop it! So be down to the rocket launch area by 2:30 am.”

I looked at the clock. It was 1:45. Forty-five minutes to go! I packed the food, Mom gathered up the supplies, and Andras picked up his guidebook to the Cameo-system. It took us twenty minutes to pack, fifteen minutes to get to the freeway, and exactly nine minutes to reach the rockets. I was scared and nervous. Which rocket was ours? We met the President and he helped us to find our transportation. I gulped.

The adventure had truly begun now!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoe Story

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The ceolocanth book

Chapter 5
Protecting ceolocanths

Ceolocaths are very rare.
We must protect ceolocanths from being extinct.
There must be more to fascinate people.
Please help protecting ceolocaths.

The ceolocanth book

Chapter 4
In the deep

Ceolocanths can only stand the deep and cold waters.
Here is why:
Shallow waters have less water, so they receive more sunlight.
But as you get deeper, the water is very cold and deep and receives less sunlight, just right for a ceolocanth.

The ceolocanth book

Chapter 3

In 1938 a fisherman was catching fish off the coast of Madagascar.
Then the fisherman decided to catch fish in the deep.
He dipped the net deeper in the ocean.
Soon he was pulling up his net when a miracle happened!
Just as he inspected his fish he saw a strange fish.
Its eyes were cloudy and it had lots of fins.
He took the fish to scientists who looked at the fish closely.
Then they gasped.
" It's a coelocanth!" they said.
Since then more have been caught.

The ceolocanth book

Chapter 2
ceolocanth fossils

Fossils are bones and markings of animals that lived long ago.
Ceolocanths can be fossils
Ceolocanths back then looked like ceolocanths today except smaller.
Ceolocanths lived in the Paleozoic (pa-leo-zo-ik) era.

The ceolocanth book

Chapter 1
What is a ceolocanth?

A ceolocanth is a big fish that started living millions of years ago.
Unlike most fish, ceolocanthes have a lot of fins.