Monday, February 16, 2009


Coral was a Coral Beauty Angelfish that could swim (her mother told her not to go past Australia) to Japan. But then one day she accidentally went in to the Atlantic! It was cold as Coral wondered through the water. As she was near the the coast of California (she had swam into the Pacific) her first danger was behind her! A Great white shark! Coral managed to get away and the Great white shark left a scrape on her fin. Coral escaped into the deaths of the ocean. A light came a few miles away! But it was trouble! It was an Angler fish! More Angler fish surrounded Coral! She swam away from the Angler fish. Days passed, Coral swam along the sandy bottom. Three days later Coral found a Coral beauty angelfish reef.She stayed in a hotel. The next morning Coral swam up to the open ocean! At that same moment her mom and dad were accidentally swallowed by a whale shark, Coral swam into the whale shark Coral poked the whale shark, and, ACHOO! They had got away when a shrimp said Tiger sharks he said they looked and there was a pack of Tiger sharks! they swam as fast as they could! Coral threw a rock into there tails only one escaped and they lived happily ever after!THE END

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